Hi, I'm Jort.

Experienced in developing custom websites and applications to help businesses attract and convert more customers online.

Who am I

I'm an experienced freelance python developer, creator, and researcher with a PhD in psychology. I have a passion for data science, web development and DevOps.

Things I do

Web Development

Every business needs a quality web presence. It doesn’t need to be fancy or flashy. Just clean, direct, well constructed and well written to attract and convert customers.

Online Store

Looking ahead, every small business retailer needs to invest in an online store to remain competitive, relevant, profitable, and open in the future. I can help you to setup a 24/7 store for your business!

Data Science

I can help you to get more value from your data with prediction models and machine learning techniques, for example by predicting behaviour or targeting the right customers. Make the right decisions for your website, data-driven decisions!


Downtime can be very costly in terms of your revenue, company reputation and search engine visibility. Benefit from my expertise to minimise your risks of potential downtime.

Some of the technologies I use

Node.js Node.js
Tailwind CSS Tailwind CSS
Python Python
Django Django
Wagtail CMS Wagtail CMS
Flask Flask
Docker Docker
Git Git
Digital Ocean Digital Ocean
Data Science
Numpy Numpy
Pandas Pandas
Tensorflow Tensorflow
Google Colab Google Colab
Raspberry Raspberry
Arduino Arduino

A couple of things you might want to know about me

Are you available for an interesting project?
I'm only available for part-time projects at the moment. Please do get in touch so we can discuss how I might be able to help.
How much do you charge for a project?
For websites, or webshops I charge a fixed price that is dependent on the size of the project. For custom projects I charge an hourly rate.
What technologies were used to build this site?
This site was build with Wagtail CMS that works on top of the Django framework. For the frontend I use Tailwind CSS and I use htmx to access AJAX and CSS transitions directly in HTML. This site is deployed on Digital Ocean using several Docker containers.
Where are you based?
I live next to Tuebingen in the South of Germany. I love working with local businesses, but I just as much enjoy working remote with people and businesses from across the globe!